Ready to leave your footprints with these Kärcher Slippers?

12 July 2017

Gemaco is thrilled to once more, be a key player in setting up the Kärcher Summer Campaign of 2017 with some beach slippers that will surely leave a mark!

Kärcher has been a loyal client at Gemaco since 2015. Our adventure started by providing them with the splashing range of promotional goodies.  At the right moment, we decided to go for more market-related products. So we came up with some refreshing, trendy ideas. In the summer campaign of 2016, we designed BBQ-aprons from scratch and had them delivered in personalised boxes at everyone’s doorstep! 

Kärcher decided to continue our cooperation due to the scorching results of that campaign. For the upcoming summer, they chose to go for a personalised beach slippers that will leave their mark on any beach of your choice, literally!

They even shot a commercial with actors that will go national in The Netherlands!

Can’t wait to get your feet into their beach slippers?! Click here for more information or watch the video!


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