How to turn your employees into genuine ambassadors for your brand!

24 April 2019

Looking to create new fans for your brand? Start with your employees! You’ll find that their positivity and enthusiasm is contagious and quickly translates into equally satisfied and enthusiastic customers! In fact, with an army of employees who put their heart and soul into your brand, there’s nothing you can’t achieve!


Empowering your people

It all starts with how you communicate. The standard internal memo, corporate newsletter or C-level speech should make way for more creative and more convinving internal communication. But of course, positive messages also need to be backed up by positive deeds! By creating a work environment that's fun, inspiring and above all empowering. A place where employees feel welcome, listened to and involved at every level. Sure, your brand values are important for shaping the way you deal with your customers. But they should also be applied internally. Because public relations begins at home!


‘To become a “Love Brand”, you first have to be a “Love Employer”.’



Supremia Ambassadors

Want to give your employees a free gift that also doubles as advertising for your brand? You’ve come to the right place!


At Supremia, we believe our people are the best advertisement for our own brand. Which is why we never miss an opportunity to put a smile on their face. An impromptu breakfast, after-work drinks, flowers “just because”, free branded sweaters to spread the word at the gym, or the club,… the kinds of things they might talk about with friends or share with their network. Because after all, the best advertising is by word of mouth. And even the best communications plans need committed employees to put them into practice.


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