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Global Buying


With a global database of preferred and approved manufacturers, which we have tried, tested and audited over the years, we are able to produce a wide variety of goods to the price, quality and on-time delivery standards that our clients have become accustomed to expect from us. There is no better testimony to that than our record in client retention. By benchmarking our premium and packaging to a minimum of three manufacturers during the sourcing process, we are able to determine best value. Furthermore, each manufacturer has to commit to and comply with our production and quality standards.

To remain at the forefront of the industry, Supremia regularly seeks new manufacturing partners crossing frontiers in the global market and evaluating the latest technological and geopolitical trends.

To maintain a strong and transparent relationship with our clients, we've brought on board experienced, dedicated and well-trained Account Management teams, including Packaging Engineers, each bringing a different skill set to our services allowing us to deliver a seamless solution. We focus on making sure there is a clear and open communication channel with our clients every step of the way, which helps us meet and exceed your goals minimizing risk in the process. Professionalism and thoroughness are two of the many values we emphasize to the teams throughout our network.

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